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Public Performance Site License
You can legally show copyrighted entertainment movies in your K-12 school, without risking copyright infringement, if you have a Public Performance Site License.

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Single Event License Details:

  • Covers one movie on one specific date and time
  • Movie title and show date must be provided upon ordering
  • Cost is as low as $172 for premium titles and $128 for all others per showing  (Payment must be made in advance by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover)
  • The movie can be obtained from any legal source (rental store, personal collection, etc). We do not provide the movie itself, just the license.
  • View the studios available for Single Event Licenses.
  • Please do not advertise your event until your license has been secured. We need to verify that the movie you select is available as studio changes can occur.
  • Single Event License fee may be applied toward cost of annual license if school upgrades within 90 days of show date (Only one license may be applied, regardless of number purchased)

NOTE: Outdoor showings are not allowed or covered under this license. To proceed with an outdoor showing please contact Swank Motion Pictures at 1-800-876-5577 or visit:

Single Event License & Copyright Restrictions

The Single Event license is a limited license to exhibit only the agreed upon movie title and show date in your school. The showing must take place inside the school building and does not cover outdoor events or showings off campus. Please note that change of movie title or show date after the license has been processed will result in a $25 service fee. Violation of this agreement is subject to the penalties set forth in the Federal Copyright Act.

Single Event License Unforeseen Circumstances

If you are unable to hold your event due to inclement weather, electrical problems or other malfunctions, you may reschedule your selected movie title within one year of the original show date. Movie Licensing USA must be informed by phone or email prior to the scheduled showing so your account can be noted. If Movie Licensing USA is not informed promptly, we will not be able to reschedule your event. Movie Licensing USA does not provide refunds in the form of payment, but as a reschedule option should these circumstances occur. Please contact your licensing manager for complete details.

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