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February 2017

February is full of exciting holiday programming options at your school, just don’t forget to honor Black History Month along with them! Discover how to help all grade levels celebrate the impact African Americans have made on art, literature, sports and pop culture with the fun ideas below!

Elementary School – The Heart of Black History Month

What You’ll Need:

  • Computer access and books for research
  • Construction paper
  • Printer paper
  • Markers

Try out this fun and educational activity to educate kids on past and present African American leaders. By utilizing the computers, this activity will enhance research skills in addition to highlighting important people in history. And the heart-shaped spin will help decorate your classroom for Valentine’s Day!

Assign a letter of the alphabet to each child and let them pick which African American leader they profile. After adequate research time on the computer, hand out heart-shaped construction paper pieces and ask them to each write an acrostic poem using what they learned. Make sure enough stickers, markers and other craft materials are provided so they can get creative. Finally, display all the poems on a bulletin board or the windows!

Middle School - "Who Am I?"
What You’ll Need:

  • 40 facts about famous African American leaders
  • 4x4 Bingo call cards with the name and picture of each leader
  • Card markers (i.e. bingo chips, pieces of candy, etc.)

Spend some time teaching your students about historical African American leaders, inventors and artists. Then, test what they learned with “Who Am I?” Bingo! Make sure you have small prizes on hand for the winners!

Consider showing a related film or two while the students work on putting together their project. The Queen of Katwe, Radio and The Wiz are all good options for a variety of grade levels.

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