Fundraising Ideas

Following are some fun and creative ways for your school to fund its license.

Allow others to use your school building:
Rent out space in your school to local businesses and community groups to show films from studios covered by Movie Licensing USA. Their event will be copyright compliant since it will be held in your licensed building.

Concession Stand:
Set up a concession stand and offer moviegoers affordable snacks like popcorn, chips, soda and hot dogs. This makes for a fun, low-cost evening out for the whole family. Curious to see how fast you can raise money with concessions? Check out this simple formula!

(Selling Price - Cost to Provide) + Number Sold = Profits

This chart breaks down the funds raised by each item…

Item Selling Price Cost to Provide Number Sold Profits
Soda and Bottled Water 50¢ $0 (donated) 219 $109.50
Slice of Pizza $1 60¢ 120 $48.00
Ice water 25¢ 10¢ 87 $13.05
Popcorn 50¢ 20¢ 99 $29.70
      TOTAL $200.25

Themed Dinner and a Movie:
Sell tickets to your community for a themed “Dinner & A Movie” night. You can charge admission for the dinner and show the movie as a bonus! Invite a local culinary school to prepare and serve a menu that matches the film you’ve selected to keep costs low. You could also ask local businesses if they’d like to sponsor the event in exchange for advertising. Show a movie like The Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and invite your guest to dress up according to your theme for a fun twist.

Have a board game tournament:
Create a fun event that everyone can take part in! Pick a favorite board game like Sorry, Trouble or Monopoly and charge an entry fee for each 4-person team that signs up. Teams will work together to accumulate points with the winners receiving a donated prize from a local business or organization. Show a game focused movie like Jumanji or Zathura while you’re adding up the scores or throughout the night.

Host a 50/50 raffle:
At your next school movie night, sell two-sectioned tickets to those in attendance for a small fee. Buyers can purchase as many tickets as they want and will receive one half of the ticket. The other half is entered into a drawing for 50% of the funds raised from all tickets purchased. At the end of the movie, pull a ticket and announce a winner!

Arrange a bike-a-thon:
Invite the children to bring their tricycles, bicycles or big wheels to the gym for a unique fundraiser. Collect pledges for each child for the time-spent riding, mark off a safe course the kids can ride in and put on a movie like Cars, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Speed Racer or The Love Bug for those who get tired early. Give out prizes for the most pledges brought in, the most decorated bike and more.

Start a penny war:
Place a large clear jug or container in each class and encourage kids to bring in as many pennies as they can to fill it. Your students will enjoy watching it fill up as they add their pennies each day. The class who collects the most pennies at the end of the contest will get a prize, like a special movie showing and pizza party. Show a movie with a money-based plotline like Richie Rich, It Takes Two, Blank Check or The Parent Trap.

Sell sports tickets:
Buy a group of seats to a popular sporting event at a group rate and ask families to purchase tickets at face value for a fun night out with families of your school. Host a movie kickoff featuring a classic sports movie like Rudy, Invincible, Field of Dreams, Space Jam or Hoosiers. Set up a tailgate before the game, complete with donated food for even more parent and student bonding.

Have a pizza taste-off:
Everyone loves pizza and it goes great with movies! Ask local pizza places if they would be willing to donate a few pizzas to a pizza competition you’re holding at your school. Advertise in your community and charge for tickets that include a slice from each restaurant and a drink. Put your participants in the judging seat and let them vote on their favorite. Show a free movie like Toy Story 3, Lemonade Mouth, or Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs as you tally the votes and announce the winner on your website or in your newsletter for some free advertising.

Hold a book fair in the school gym.
Encourage parents and students to bring in their used books and paperbacks and arrange on tables in the gymnasium. Have older students volunteer and use the proceeds to fund your license.

Use the old standard - the Bake Sale!
Everyone loves a bake sale and the proceeds can be used towards your purchase of the license.

Hold a Silent Auction.
Have local businesses and/or your student’s parents donate items for your silent auction. Popular items are electronics such as iPods, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. Other popular items are free plane tickets from reward points and sporting event tickets. Acknowledge the business at the auction; the publicity is typically worth the cost of a donated item.

Hold a fall festival.
Set up a face painting station, a water dunking booth, arcade games, basket weaving, incorporate your bake sale, tie-dye t-shirt station, water color station, crafts and activity station, petting zoo, bean bag toss and so much more! Charge by the booth or charge an entry fee and use the proceeds toward your site license.

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