Family Movie Night Ideas

Movie Licensing USA is PTO Today's official licensing sponsor for their Family Movie Night Program.

Family Movie Night® is a great way to bring your students and their families, faculty and staff together for a fun night of entertainment around the big screen! They will enjoy the feature presentation while spending quality time together. Parents will feel more involved with their kids and the students will enjoy showing their family members around.

Don't worry if this is your first time planning a movie event. We have steps outlined below to ensure a worry free and fun experience!

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Choose Your Movie

  • Use our movie search tool at the top of the page to search for movies by genre, rating, actor or director.
  • Click on "New Releases" to the left to see what has recently come out to home video.
  • Check out our "Programming Ideas" tab to the left for ideas you can use each month of the year as well as themed ideas for certain clubs and activities.
  • Let the kids vote! Provide 3-5 movie titles for them to choose from. To ensure the title you have selected is covered by our company, click here for the studio list.

Choose Your Date

  • Select a date far in advance to allow time for proper advertising and planning.
  • Check with the school to make sure there are no other activities planned for that evening. You may also want to verify that the room or space you will be using will be free.

Obtain a Public Performance Site License

  • Once your movie title and show date are set in stone, you will need to obtain your Public Performance Site License. This license will allow your school, or anyone who uses your facilities, the ability to legally show movies in a school setting.
  • This license is required regardless of how the movies are obtained, whether or not an admission fee is charged, whether the facility or organization is commercial or non-profit, or whether a federal, state or local agency is involved.
  • For more information on our license, click here.
  • To apply for a Single Event License, click here.

Promote Your Event

  • Once you have secured your license, you will gain access to free publicity on our website. Our promotional materials are downloadable and include 8.5" x 11" full color posters, bookmarks, event tickets & activity sheets. To create publicity for your movie event, click here.
  • Use our publicity to create flyers the kids can bring home in their backpacks or for direct mailers to the parents. Mention your event in the school bulletin or an email to the parents. The more you promote your event, the higher your attendance will be!
  • For guidelines on advertising, click here.

Obtain Your Movie

  • You may buy, borrow or rent your movie from any legal source such as a local video store, retailer or personal collection.
  • If you purchase the movie, you can have a contest or raffle for the DVD after your event!

Admission, Concessions, Donations

  • You may charge admission up to the cost of the license. In lieu of charging admission you may "suggest donations" and/or provide concessions. Kids love food & drinks when they are watching movies!

Use Movies for Other Events

  • Movies are a great way to reward students and entertain them during holiday events, indoor recess, after care programs and more. If you upgrade to an annual license within 90 days of your show date, your Single Event License fee can be credited toward your school's annual license. Contact us for annual pricing.

For More Information

  • Movie Licensing USA and PTO Today want your movie night to be a success! Visit or call PTO Today at (800) 644-3561 for more information on hosting a successful Family Movie Night!

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