Become Copyright Compliant and use your license for:

Movie Nights

Before/After School Programs

Student Reward Parties

Holiday Events

Summer Camps

And So Much More!

Movies are a great way to bring your students, their families, friends and staff together for a fun night of entertainment around the big screen!

Give your school the gift of licensing and peace of mind! Your school can be copyright compliant for a single event or all year long with these options:

  • Single Event Licenses
  • Annual Licenses
  • District Licensing

What Schools are Saying About Movie Events…

Complimentary Promotional Materials

Movie Licensing USA is a great partner for schools, with great resources for events. We utilized your promotional materials for the movie for a “craft” table, the kids and parents loved it. Take advantage of the promotional materials offered, it has great impact!
- Desert Meadows Elementary, Laveen, AZ

Raise Funds

It turned into a profitable fundraiser even without charging an entrance fee. This is by far our easiest; least number of volunteer’s needed & biggest return on our money fundraiser that we have hosted this school year. You made this an easy, painless, and profitable event for us.
- King Elementary, Vancouver, WA

Personal Service

We host a family movie night to give families an opportunity to spend some time together for free. Everyone I’ve talked to at Movie Licensing USA has been very helpful. Love the website, it is easy to use and search.
- Jefferson Elementary, Oshkosh, WI

Upgrade and license your entire school

The Kids loved it! Parents were very pleased. So much that the Principal said we can have one every month this year. I will be buying a two year license!
- Holly Hill School, Holly Hill, FL

Movie Licensing USA is the only company able to offer this Public Performance Site License for all of these major Hollywood studios and more. No other licensing source can provide this exclusive, comprehensive coverage.

Studio coverage varies for religious affiliated schools. Please contact your Copyright Licensing Manager for more details.

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